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As of 9/29/2005 this Journal is Friends Only (well, mostly), thanks to a helpful little program known as Hide Journal and Google ignoring efforts to block indexing with its new Blogsearch engine.

Future entries may or may not be public.

If you friend me I will check out your journal. I am not likely to add you back unless I know you or have interacted with you a bit in other's journals.

If you are a friend and see that I have updated, but don't see the entry, you aren't going crazy. I make a LOT of private entries.


A Word about my Friends List
If you are on my friends list, it's because I want to share my life with you and keep you in the loop. Or because we met somewhere some how and I want to try to keep in touch.

Adding me does not automatically mean I'll add you back. Though I will look at your journal every now and again. Who knows what that could lead too? ;-)

Not being on my friends list is not necessarily a reflection of how I feel about you (i.e. Like or dislike). It might mean I just can't keep up.


NOTE: ALL USERPICS HAVE BEEN CREATED BY ME UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE! If you like my userpics, don't be a tool, ask first and GIVE CREDIT!


I highly recommend the following file: README

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