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A online ad site for the norelco "Body Groom." Adult oriented but work-safe (depending on your work).

I could do a really in-depth gender analysis of this site... after I'm done laughing.

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FBI shuts down a site that had what they considered obscene stories - NOT PICTURES - on its site.

I guess since you can't burn a site, this is the next best thing. But truly it is frightening to me that they are going after the written word where NO ONE is exploited or harmed in the creation of such stories. There MUST be something better for the FBI to be allocating funds for.

Perhaps this is this the proverbial sacrificial lamb to the uber-conservative moral factions in this country?
It should not matter. They can not justify it in the same way they justify going after picture and video pornography. We should all be afraid because of this: the shutting down and prosecution of those who write stories of a eroto-pornographic nature makes fantasy into thought crime.

I am surprised they have not gone after mainstream authors with erotic themes of underage sex (ie Anne Rice or Piers Anthony), incest (The Estate of VC Andrews or the writers of Veronica Mars), necrophilia (Geoffery Bent) or any number of perversions out there (Laurel K Hamilton, Anne Rice, Clive Barker, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, and on and on and on...).

Remember when this all starts hitting the fan and gains momentum in the mainstream press: Words are not inherently harmful. The intent of those words are what can be considered harmful. "Fuck" in and of itself is not a bad word, but when one tells you to "go fuck yourself" the intent of the word is to see you come to harm.

With this in mind we must consider whether the intent to arouse the senses in an erotic manner is harmful intent. There is no scientific evidence that a reasonable person will read something and then feel compelled to do it. Reading erotica with incest in it will not make you suddenly desire to go have sex with your siblings. We have a glorious thing called language that enables us to think about things in terms of what is not related to reality. As such it is humanly possible to think about things without being compelled to act upon them.

Our government apparently believes this is not the case, even today when we are so advanced in our technology and so enlightened in thought. This is not what I asked of them when I signed in my proverbial social contract, did you?


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