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Courtesy of [ profile] cmpriest, Gothic horror writer extraordinary who rocks my socks on any normal day of the week anyway. This is original video she took while in her travels today: a happy, old Welsh Corgi in a canine wheelchair.

Read more about the story in the comments here.
I agree wholeheartedly with Cherie's statement:
With all the ridiculous horror stories out there about people who take pets to the pound when they don't match the new carpet ... I really love to see folks going the extra mile to take care of their animals.

Feel free to pass along.
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I get very frustrated by news of "banning breeds," like the Pit Bull. I sustain that there are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners. I've seen dogs with behavioral issues because of their former owners and find it sad that people try to put human qualities to these animals. They honestly CAN'T know better until they are taught better. Even that takes time and discipline on the part of the owner.

But enough ranting. If you think you can actually tell if a dog is going to be dangerous based on the breed, you should be able to pick out the breed by looking at it, right?

Well, give it a shot.

Lesson being, that big giant scary looking dog might not be the vicious killer you might  assume it's going to be. In many cases, it could just be a big lovable goofy dog that when treated with love will be as loyal as... well... a dog.


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