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We ALL said some very nasty things at some point. It didn't matter who you supported, every single person I've talked politics with has at some point spewed forth something unkind about the side they disagreed with. To ask for unity without apologizing for past hurts is like asking for forgiveness without actual repentance.

It takes nothing to be right. It takes self awareness to admit when one is wrong and be sincere about such an admission.

So, I say lets start the healing with apologizing to each other. I'll start:

I'm a moderate and I have said nasty things about both Democrats and Republicans. I am sorry that I said disparaging things about your political beliefs. They were said out of frustration, but that is not an excuse.

I am sorry that we hurt each other.

I am glad that we all wanted a change from what has been going on and I am sorry we couldn't see eye to eye during the election cycle. I am hoping you will, now that things have calmed down, accept my hand and let us come up with some solutions that we can all live with. The government can only do so much. It is up to each of us to make it ok to be, not a party, but an American.

I hope you will accept my apology.

And for those who are skeptical of my sincerity, I will say that I learned not so long ago that it is near impossible to be right all the time and be happy. In a choice between the two, I'll ALWAYS admit when I was wrong and choose happiness. There is no point in pride if all it brings is misery.
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You are a class act.
Thank you for conceding with grace and ending on a note of unity.

I'm shocked you didn't wait till all the ballots were counted though.
However, I'm glad you ended this campaign reminding me why I supported you to begin with.

Dear Obama Supporters who I am watching on TV right now
Please don't fuck this up by causing riots. Please.


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