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I love how my conservative friends jump up and down about how left bias the media is. Meanwhile my liberal minded friends jump up and down about how right bias the media is.

Let me settle this once and for all.

The media bias is:
What is NEW.
What is Novel.
What Sells.

Why is the media going bat-nuts over Sarah Palin's inexperience but not Obama's? Because Obama is old news.

Why are people up in arms over the indiscretions of Palin's Daughter, but not Biden's? First because the thing with Biden's daughter is not NEW. Second, because having a "no sex before marriage" candidate with a pregnant unwed teen daughter is NOVEL.

Why does any of this matter? Because it sells ad space as we ghoulishly tune in. And we are not going to tune in to old shit, we want the new novel shit.

Biden is not new. We saw him during the primaries. He's been in the Senate a while. We know he's a cantankerous old fart with Foreign Policy experience.

Palin is so new we who live outside Alaska are only just finding out ANYTHING about her. And I think the RNC did this on purpose in order to beat Obama to all news cycles. It's not like their convention could beat the spectacle of Mile High Stadium. They needed to grab the news cycles with a vengeance, and they did.

Aside: Why aren't more conservatives pissed about Palin? )

I have to wonder at people who think criticism of Palin's wardrobe has anything to do with the media being left wing and not EVERYTHING to do with women being held to a different standard of looks than men. How easily people forget the same criticism that Hillary got as first Lady. Such criticism isn't brought to you by People For the American Way or The NRA. It's brought to you by Prada and Baby Phat and Estee Lauder.

So yeah, every time I see some nonsense on my friends list about alleged left or right wing bias, I want to beat them with some political media studies text books. (And I don't mean the mass market crap you can get at B&N. I mean well researched texts.)

I can't believe my intelligent friends still think it has anything to do with anything more than money. Come on folks, follow the ad buys.


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