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Because what 50 Cent's 'In Da Club' really NEEDED was 'Yakety Sax' in order to make it the party anthem it was always meant to be. (Thank you [ profile] wyldkyss for showing me this glorious gem.)

Seriously, this amuses me to no end.


Sep. 22nd, 2010 07:55 pm
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What happens when you combine IKEA furniture, Dogs, and OK Go's penchant for visually interesting videos?
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For all the women of my former guild, and the guys that love them:

Geek and Gamer Girls Song - Watch more Funny Videos
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How to track the swine-flu online:

Yeah, I think this is much hype to do about nothing, really. But maybe I'm wrong.
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Happy Friday.
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Mine was fair to middling. Bit of information overload doing research, trying to get a paper written.

And then, Amber "Yes, I Played Tara on Buffy, moving on now" Benson twittered "Honestly, I am so NOT a pink panties kind of a girl."

Attached to that twitter was a link to this Not Safe for Work trailer of a movie she's in coming direct to DVD. The movie is called One Eyed Monster:

I find myself in this limbo of complete horror and total amusement. I think THIS is what going mad feels like.

Someone wrote this. Someone wrote this and shopped it around. Someone wrote this, shopped it around, and got someone to green light it. AND got Ron "I don't care how big it is I'm not doing him" Jeremy to agree to it.

Ok, maybe that last part isn't that much of a stretch, I've seen Surreal Life.

But what gets me is that, Amber "1/2 of the ultimate Bi-Curious fandom Fantasy" Benson, is most worried about how people will perceive her pink panties? Honestly, I think that was the LEAST brain harming part of that trailer.

Clearly I need to move to LA and shop some of the crazy shit in my own brain around.

So now the question is, which one of my friends is going to purchase this and have a "One Eyed Monster" watching MST-3k party? I'll bring towels for the brain leakage.

I said BRAIN leakage you perves!
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So brilliant I just might crap a rainbow:


Mar. 13th, 2009 04:07 pm
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Hollis Hawthorne, a friend-of-a-friend (of a friend), was in a pretty horrifying accident in India last month. She's in such a bad way that though she's going to be given free medical care at one of the best facilities in America, it'll take a somewhat ungodly sum to actually transport her back into the country.

But, somewhat ungodly sums can be nicely chipped away at if you pass the chisel enough.

The story of the accident has been put up by the fine folks at Coilhouse, who also happen to be Hollis' friends.

If you've got a couple of bucks to spare, check out Friends of Hollis Hawthorne for a PayPal link. (Or just pass it along if you don't have the money to spare.)
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I agree with [ profile] geekchick. Funniest Intro EVER.

Language may not be work safe, but... it's James Lipton. He's cultured and shit.
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Because you all know she's that damn fabulous!

Friday, 2/27, 7pm
Washington DC
Sponsored by Whole DC.

Saturday, 2/28, 11am - 1pm
Washington DC
Sponsored by Whole DC.

Saturday, 2/28, 7pm
Washington DC
Sponsored by Whole DC.

Saturday, 2/28, 9pm-2am
The PolyAfterParty!!
Washington DC
Sponsored by EPIC DC & Whole DC.

Sunday, 3/1, 6pm
Baltimore, MD
Sponsored by Sugar.

Monday, 3/2, 7pm
Baltimore, MD
Sponsored by Goucher College.

For more info:
Event info here.
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Giant ball of pink insulation? Check!
Remarkably well trained spooky black cat? Check!
Reject from the "Don't Come Around Here No More" video by Tom Petty? Check!
Burton-esque otherworld? Check!
Fetishized by way of Japanese cartoon icon Chipendale dancers? CHECK!

I give you, When Hello Kitty meets MAC cosmetics:

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See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

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Watch and try not to smile.
I dare you (Totally safe for work):

(Thank you [ profile] geekchick)


Mar. 11th, 2008 06:40 pm
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Edit: Follow up to This Post: Don't Go To Dubai

Please Circulate this Email &add it to your websites/blogs etc.  If you can spare some time to helpwith the campaign, please contact us.

Cat Le-Huy, Endemol's Head of Technology, as of the 27th of February remains in Al Wathba Prison.  We are exploring all possible avenuesfor his release.  Currently the decision rests with the DPP as to whetherto charge him or drop the case entirely.  Cat's Advocate has been presenting arguments to the Prosecution in an attempt to persuade them todrop the case.

We are hoping for a speedy, positive resolution & expect to have more solid news very shortly.  There are rumours being generated within the prison that people who plead guilty, are deported though as you would expect, there are no guarantees and this is often an attempt to scareprisoners into pleading guilty, to make the DPP's job easier.  Cat wastold if he signed the Arabic confession, he would be deported immediately. They didn't keep their word then & we very much doubt they wouldnow.  As such, Cat agrees it's better to tell the truth and maintain hisinnocent plea.  Unfortunately, the legal system in the UAE is not designedwith fair trials in mind & with very few pracitsing (drug) criminal lawers, senior advocates & associated law firms charge a high amountfor their services.  In this case, we are confident that Cat's advocate willbe able to secure his release in the very near future as he has done formany others in similar situations in the past. We have been advised, thereis a 90% chance this case will be closed if we can raise the financial assistancein a timely manner.

We hope that the DPP can be persuaded to drop the case.  It is almost like a pre-trial and the legal fees for this are £50,000.  I wouldhowever like to emphasise that all fees will need to be paid prior to his release and therefore it is urgent and imperitive that we completethe fundraising within the next few days.  As the amount is large, itis difficult for any one party to provide liquid cash in such a short timeso we need to appeal to the public for support.

Please circulate this most important appeal for financial assistance.

Related Websites and background information:

We need your help: we are asking for your donations--whatever you can give-- of which 100% of proceeds will go toward hislegal defence fund.

Thank you so much for your help, we couldn’t do this withoutyour benevolence and generosity.


We have so far managed to obtain over 50% of the requiredamount in just 14 days!

If you have any questions about the fund or in general, please feel free to contact:

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[ profile] chadu posted an article by someone who *gasp* took the time to look at both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton's records of bills they authored on the Library of Congress Website.
Whether you agree with him or not, it's clear from this that those who keep saying "Obama hasn't done anything" haven't really looked into the matter.

Here is his record, and Clinton's, for them, on all but a silver platter:

Take the writer's comments for what they are, but the record on it's own is fairly impressive - if for nothing else than the comparative lengths on successes at the end of the article. Whether you think he's done good or done bad, the idea that he's done NOTHING is a red herring.


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