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MOST movie remakes are unnecessary to begin with, but some are ESPECIALLY unnecessary.

Case in point?

Clash of the Titans
This movie is brilliant in that it is simultaneously beautiful, well acted and cheesy all at the same time. I mean, back in the day, the brilliant stop motion animation of Ray Harryhausen was, perhaps THE best special effects you could get.

Ok, maybe Nazi faces melting off in Raders of the Lost Ark (released the same year) were a little better, but it still wasn't any Ray Fucking Harryhausen.

These remake fuckers are going to sleek up Clash of the Titans, completely shitting on Ray Harryhausen's grave! I hope he pops out of it as a skeleton to whoop their ass.

Yet, and here's where the cognative dissonance sets in, who do they get to be in this film?
Liam Neeson AND Ralph Fiennes.

So now I am torn between my utter contempt for unnecessary remakes and my complete lust over Neeson and Fiennes.

Oh well played, Hollywood Remake Bastards. Well played indeed.
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I wish I were joking. I am not. It's not even April Fools.

Article Here. And in the NYT here.

Apparently in the age of text messaging 5 letters and a hyphen is too much for people to remember.

The part that makes me want to punch Sci-Fi chennel president Dave Howe in the face, repeatedly:
"When we tested this new name, the thing that we got back from our 18-to-34 techno-savvy crowd, which is quite a lot of our audience, is actually this is how you’d text it"

Chucklehead Howe for some reason thinks that further mangling the English language AND alienating its core audience is a good thing. Maybe if they, I don't know, had more good programing they might raise their numbers... You know instead of the "Chasing semi spooky shit with night vision cameras show" followed by the Sci-fi original movie "Shitty CGI Monster Terrorizing Characters You Don't Care About."

What Howe fails to realize is that it is COOL to be geeky now. Trying to distance yourself from the geek-cool with a name change lifted from Idiocracy is a huge leap backwards.

The last thing this channel has going for it is BSG. When that is gone, so goes the rest of its audiance. I can get more Sci-fi from NBC and Spike than I can the Sci-Fi channel - how sad is that?
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Does anyone else think that this whole "Happy Holidays" is offensive to Christians is the biggest NON-ISSUE since New Coke vs Old Coke?
I mean really, we don't have to say anything at all, like the other 11 months of the year.
Or, we could say to, "Go fuck yourself and your jingling bells."

How is encompassing all the winter Holidays in a singular greeting offensive? I mean, never mind that Christmas really was pagan winter Solstice repackaged in the ultimate marketing conversion tactic to begin with. But all the NON-Christians in this country have been putting up with not having their holiday nationally recognized for about 2 centuries now. We suck it up and play along with the whole holiday spirit of the season and spend as much as any Christian does. I'm Jewish and I've got the credit card debt to prove it.

Is it that they aren't SPECIAL any more? Awwww... poor Bill O'Reily and Pat Robertson. (Who make more than about 20 of their viewers combined annual income.) Ratings dropping? Need to stir up some controversy and hate to get more book sales? These two are the P.T. Barnum's of the Right Wing, and they are playing the religious-right for suckers and reaping in the rewards for it. Worse, the right leaning over to the point of toppling masses give it to them and thank them for it.

Yet I love this season. I love the lights and the decorating. The bringing the green and life indoors during the season of death. I love opening presents and the magic that this time of year, the solstice time, contains. I love the mythology our culture has perpetuated through media that this is the time of year where you might actually have a chance of seeing a miracle. I love making things for others to unwrap.

And yet these hate mongers have taken a time of year that is supposed to have all this magic and good will and the presence of The All Mighty throughout it and made it into another battle in the "culture war." I have to wonder how often they actually read the words of Christ for all of their neglect of the principles he taught. All this nonsense over Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas has to be the most hateful, evil, un-American, un-Christian, dissevering venom over something so inconsequential to real issues I've seen yet. If I actually believed in such things, I'd dare say that these "preachers" were actually agents of the Anti-Christ, because they are tearing at the soul of the season and care not a wit for the hate they stir.

Well, what can I say, but to Bill and Pat, or as I'll now call them Anti-Christ 1 and Anti-Christ 2, but Merry Christmas - now go fuck yourselves and keep the hell away from my holiday season!


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