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I think I did better when I didn't check LJ or my email regularly.

A dose of perspective about the whole VT shooting thing came via The Daily Show the other night. The interview was with an Iraqi official who just wrote a book. I didn't catch the name.

Jon Stewart mentioned the mourning process we are going through here because of the shooting. He asked his interviewee how the Iraqi people deal with the daily loss of life that is equal, if not greater, per incident to the VT shooting.

The gist of the answer was that they don't.

There's a lot of anger in LJ land right now. People picking fights. Debates of should have, could have, would have.
I'm just as guilty for getting caught up in it.

The reality is that 32 people are a blip on the world population radar. It's humbling to know that had this been 32 people someplace else, few would have blinked. Had it been 32 American troops in Iraq it would barely have been a blip on the American Psyche radar.

And sure, you can debate that the troops signed up for this and the students didn't. Fine.

I say a life is still a life.

And life is too short for wasting time on LJ getting into arguments with people who have absolutely NO influence over policy making decisions of anywhere.

It's a beautiful day today.
I don't have time for this. I could be killed tomorrow.
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Has ANYONE heard from [ profile] lynchwalker?

Anyone at all?


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