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I think it's a Communication Major thing that THIS is the celeb death that upsets me. Annoying or not, Mays was a great Ad Man. I mean, he's even great ordering at McDonalds.

And this is the most heartbreaking part:

It should have been that Shamwow Jackass instead.
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Angel star, Andy Hallett, dies at age 33 from heart failure.

Farewell you fabulous kereoke singing deamon.
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As most of you probably know Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons, has passed away.

I have never seen anyone so mourned on my friends list before. Not the Pope. Not past Presidents. NO ONE.

In case you doubt his influence, think of this: Without D&D there would be no World of Warcraft.

Besides, without him, Eric vs the Gazebo and THIS would be missing from pop culture humor, and that would be shame.
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I'm sorry you go blamed for the downfall of families rather the raising up of women.
I'm sorry modern students just don't understand how it was before you.

I'm sorry I never got to meet you... to thank you for the choices I now have that were not available in my grandmothers time.

We often forget that Feminism isn't about one choice being better than the other. It's about having the choices available. The choice to be a stay at home mother or a career woman. Or a stay at home father or career man for that matter. It's the choice to marry or stay single. It's the choice of WHO one marries, rather than an arranged marriage. It's about equal pay for equal work. It's about not being blamed for the sex we didn't want when we dress up nicely. (Because we are expected to dress nicely no matter what, aren't we?) It's about ignoring the media that reshapes us in an unrealistic image.

Goodnight Betty, and thank you.
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"Heaven is a much funnier place tonight." - [ profile] alanesq

Last night Comedy Central aired "I Ain't Dead Yet, Mutha Fucker!" as a tribute with a scroll across the bottom of the screen at times with the dates of his birth and death. It's sad that his health deteriorated so much that he couldn't make a new appearance in a tribute show saying he wasn't dead. He had advanced stages of MS and was confined to a wheelchair. I had seen him from back in '99 when his winning the Mark Twain Prize for Humor was aired and he didn't look so good even then. This picture from 2004 shows him looking much older than 65.

I did some poking around the site and found this most unfortunate picture (fill in your own caption).

Then I found this picture. For some reason it made me smile rather than frown. He's up there with Rodney and the Wonder Wheel. It can't be all that bad.


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