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Mine was fair to middling. Bit of information overload doing research, trying to get a paper written.

And then, Amber "Yes, I Played Tara on Buffy, moving on now" Benson twittered "Honestly, I am so NOT a pink panties kind of a girl."

Attached to that twitter was a link to this Not Safe for Work trailer of a movie she's in coming direct to DVD. The movie is called One Eyed Monster:

I find myself in this limbo of complete horror and total amusement. I think THIS is what going mad feels like.

Someone wrote this. Someone wrote this and shopped it around. Someone wrote this, shopped it around, and got someone to green light it. AND got Ron "I don't care how big it is I'm not doing him" Jeremy to agree to it.

Ok, maybe that last part isn't that much of a stretch, I've seen Surreal Life.

But what gets me is that, Amber "1/2 of the ultimate Bi-Curious fandom Fantasy" Benson, is most worried about how people will perceive her pink panties? Honestly, I think that was the LEAST brain harming part of that trailer.

Clearly I need to move to LA and shop some of the crazy shit in my own brain around.

So now the question is, which one of my friends is going to purchase this and have a "One Eyed Monster" watching MST-3k party? I'll bring towels for the brain leakage.

I said BRAIN leakage you perves!
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A Dream that haunts me, #giantblueglowingcock, I get triggerpoint shots, I get geeky over Monday night TV.

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