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I did not post this publicly so sorry for those who already know.

My mother was in a car accident the day before Father's Day. We still don't know how it happened, but the car went up on the curb, hit a utility pole AND a tree, flipped onto the driver's side and slid a few feet.

The injuries were road rash on her left arm, massive bruising from her seatbelt, and deafness from the airbags. Her neck and shoulder may have some damage from being jolted around.

No head injury. No broken bones. No major internal bleeding.

The deafness is beginning to resolve itself, very very slowly. Right now it is an unknown as to how much of it she will recover. All things considered, it sucks, but it is not the WORST that could happen.

In the past week I have read from friends on here and on other forums, and in the newspapers about car accidents. The ones where fatalities or other life threatening injuries occurred seemed to have one common factor - they were not wearing their seatbelt.

I can not emphasize enough: WEAR YOUR SEATBELT.

Before you start the car, make sure everyone is buckled up, including yourself. (It drives me nuts when people start the car in motion and then put the seatbelt on, or don't wait until I have my belt on to start moving.) Drivers - get in the habit of buckling up before turning on the ignition.
Passengers - get in the habit of buckling up as soon as you get in the car.
Parents, get your children in the habit of doing this, and show them by example. It's better for you to have to pull over to let the kids run around a bit more often than to let them unbuckle while the car is in motion when they are feeling restless.

One can always come up with excuses to not wear one, but they are just excuses.
If you find seatbelts are uncomfortable, go to your local auto parts store and get an adapter to make it more comfortable.
If you are paranoid about being trapped by yours, keep a seatbelt ripper in the glovebox or center console.
The few dollars spent on these things are a trifle compared to the alternatives.

Please for the love of everyone who is important to you - WEAR YOUR SEATBELT.
I don't want to read about one of you dying or being seriously injured because you weren't.
It saved my mother's life. It could very well save yours.

No excuses, just WEAR YOUR SEATBELT.


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